What other ways are there to save energy and make the home more cosy?

There are hundreds of ways of saving energy that all add up to big savings. We had a look at the principle energy saving tips offered by the Energy Savings Trust and compared the cost of the measure with the amount of money they save. You can read more about the cost and pay-back rates of energy saving measures here, but the table below gives a summary of the results:

A chart of measures given by the energy savings trust that compares insulation measures with how long they take to pay for themselves in savings off the energy bill

Where can I get more information?

The Energy Savings Trust have more details about energy saving measures. There are many local organisations that offer advice, and practical help in fitting draught proofing and insulation measures. There are often grants available so it’s worth having a look at your local authority’s details to find out what help there might be in your area. And here is a long list of energy saving tips and tricks that you can try out.